6 proven ways to create stunning winter landscapes

When this article is published in my part of the world, there’s only going to be another one or two months of winter left — depending on the groundhog, of course. That means it’s crunch time to get those stunning winter landscapes until they’re inaccessible. Especially come shoulder season, there are a lot more safety […]

9 ways to create sharper night photographs

Taking photographs at night is no easy task. Camera sensors require a lot of light to be able to spot the micro-contrast between elements in the frame. Without light, the sensor in your camera won’t know where to tell your camera lens where to focus, you’ll often result in dark, grainy, and out-of-focus images. In […]

4 Ways to Balance Your Photographs

I look for symmetry in everything. If you look at my photographs, this is one of the most distinctive styles that I use in just about every composition. And it’s because I, like most people, enjoy the look of a balanced photograph.  A balanced photograph is when there is an equal presence on the left […]

Getting rid of GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome

I’ve been asking this for years — why the heck do photographers have so much GAS these days? If you haven’t heard of it, GAS is Gear Acquisition Syndrome. For new photographers, this can be absolutely debilitating. I remember back when I was first starting out, I lusted so hard after all the latest and […]

5 Ways to get back into photography after taking a break

Everyone has to take a break at some time. All photographers, myself included, go through periods where they love photography, and times when a camera feels more like a burden than a method of self-expression. Taking a break from photography is normal, and I’m only able to write this article for you today because I’ve […]

How Telephoto Lenses Create Stunning Landscapes

Landscape photographers love telephoto lenses because they make mountains and hills appear larger in the frame — especially compared to architectural features like castles and villages. Longer focal lengths also isolate subjects, capturing dramatic lighting and textures not possible with wide-angle lenses.  A wide-angle lens will capture more of the scene, but what your eyes […]

How to take photographs using manual settings

Taking photographs in manual mode is daunting for many new photographers. That much power is way too scary and often results in underexposed, or blurry images. And I get it, there’s a lot of nuances to wrap your head around! But once you understand how simple the settings are, manual mode will be all you […]

5 Tips for backcountry winter photography

Getting outdoors in the winter takes a special kind of photographer. The best spots are all closed down or require a set of cross country skis or snowshoes to access. And if you’re waiting until the sunset, hiking back home in the dark can be absolutely treacherous if you’re not prepared.  But for those seeking […]

5 tips for stunning Northern Lights photographs

Plan to take photos of the aurora

Photographing the Northern Lights is an absolute dream for landscape photographers. The vast majority of the world’s population lives too far south to see them. And when they’re most visible, most of the world wants to be inside, huddled around a fire with cocoa.  For that reason, and the fact they’re impossible to plan for […]

Photo Planning 101: Let’s Talk about the Weather

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to understand how to find the perfect weather conditions to take great photographs. Planning for the weather is one of the key factors that distinguishes a successful photo from a snapshot. And this kind of planning is about so much more than just planning to go out at […]

10 ways to take better images of flowers

Plants expend a lot of energy to make flowers beautiful. They do it because there’s a major payoff at the end. Pollinators like bees and hummingbirds will spend extra time around the most interesting and attractive flowers. And this means the plant is more likely to reproduce.  And of course, the most beautiful flowers are […]

Photography Planning 101: How to Find the Perfect Location

A photograph of a small village just below an iconic mountainous landscape

Great photographs don’t happen without planning. This is a lesson that I repeat to my students all the time. You can’t just point a camera outside of a car window and expect that image to land in a gallery. And no professional photographer books a ticket to another part of the world without having planned […]