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Photography Academy, at its core, is an online training academy that helps enthusiasts and professionals alike take amazing photos and improve their photography skills. Tim Shields is an International Nature Photography of the Year award winner and has taught thousands of photographers how to better their craft—all using the camera that they already have available to them.




Tim knew that his decades’ worth of knowledge and tricks can vastly improve upon any photographers’ skills… but he wanted to help the community thrive! Tim created this Facebook group to bring the community together; it’s a place where photographers can post their pieces and have a welcoming and kind community offer valuable insights, suggestions, and adorations. What started as a passion to help elevate the community sprouted into a thriving environment of 100,000 passionate photographers—all of which share the same goal that Photography Academy stands for… taking jaw-dropping photos!

Free Trainings to

Take the Best Photos of Your Life

Tim’s journey, taking place over a decade, has been one filled with countless hours studying, learning, testing, failing, and experimenting to develop a system that ensures continual improvement. This process that he refers to as “wandering the desert” led him to develop his four-step photography transformation system, which can be used in any photography scenario.

When Tim himself applied his new methods to his photography, he started to gain traction and international recognition! Now it is time to pass that knowledge onto the next passionate photographer determined to get better. That is why he packed this system into an easily understandable masterclass.



Tim’s students have used the training they learned through Photography Academy to win photography awards, sell their work, and create photos they are truly proud of.

Photography Academy has helped over 600,000 photographers, all of whom have used our courses and trainings to sharpen their photography skills.

We cannot wait to have you join our community and utilize the numerous resources available. Together, lets improve our photography skills… and take the best photos of our lives!