Selling Skills and Knowledge for Cash

Create a System that Sells While You Sleep!

In my 20s, I had started to think about ways to passively build my income. The thought came to me, funnily enough, when I was watching a gentleman changing snacks in a vending machine.

I approached him and asked him how much he made from this one single machine. His answer BLEW me away! Off this one vending machine he was able to make about $2,000 a month… and he owned a total of ten of these machines. This got me thinking, a few years down the road, how could I develop my own “vending machine” type of income?

Own and Sell

What You Know

You have knowledge, skills, and talent that people will pay for! I took what I know and turned it into a seven+ figure per year online business … all while teaching a hobby! There has never been a better time than right now to sell your skills online.

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How I Did It … and How You Can Too!

Now you may be thinking to yourself … “I am by no means an expert … who would want to listen to what I have to say?” Hundreds? Thousands? Even millions? “Why would ANYONE pay ME to teach THEM about my hobby?”

You may not be the master of your craft, but if you have a burning passion for what you are selling, it will shine through! Within one year and six months of me starting my online business, I reached $1,000,000 USD in sales and I since received FOUR of the coveted 2 Comma Club awards from Reaching this milestone put me in the top 1% of more than 150,000 Clickfunnels entrepreneurs.

Everyone has knowledge, talents, skills, and experiences that others will pay for. We see that with the rise in subscription-based content… you simply need to find out what your marketable skills are! You can create your own automated money-making machine even if you have no following, no credentials, and no email list, just like I did!

How To Make Your First $100k By Getting Paid For What You Know

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