Can you find the compositions with the leading lines?

My favorite photo composition styles are first balance and symmetry, followed by leading lines. It can be difficult to find photo compositions with leading lines but when you can find them, jump on them and snap your photos!

I was recently in Maui where I hiked to a bamboo forest in search of leading line photo compositions. I found some really nice compositions and I documented the process I went through in this video.

Watch this video to see the process I go through as I search and discover interesting photo compositions. This process is never easy! It is always a trial and error process, but in this photoshoot I am very happy with the results.

HDR photo of a bamboo forest

HDR photo of the bamboo forest shot with 3 bracketed images.

bambook forest HDR photo Maui

Double row HDR panorama very high resolution image of the bamboo forest

Banyan tree in Haleakala National Park

This banyan tree was massive. Watch the video to get the sense of size with this tree. Huge!

bamboo forest HDR panorama

Single row HDR panorama high resolution photo of the Maui bamboo forest

Leading lines clearly make or break these types of photos. I shot some non leading line photos and they are blah. Leading lines are the make or break.

No leading line? No photo!

Enjoy your photography and have fun with it.


Tim Shields