Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

Mesa Arch at Golden Hour

Many new photographers stress over using the right camera settings for landscape photography. While I can’t tell you the exact settings, there are some simple rules to follow that will make the whole process intuitive. So what settings should you consider using when shooting landscape photos? The best landscape photographs are usually taken in raw […]

How to clean polarizing and neutral density filters

The first question I asked when I took my neutral density filters out into the field was ‘how do I clean these things?’ Keeping these clean is a nightmare — the coatings are sensitive, and yet seem to pick up every small piece of dust and oil that get anywhere near it. So let’s go […]

5 Landscape Photography Tips That Dramatically Improved my Photos

I took almost 30 years to go from someone who ‘was good at taking photos’ to becoming a professional landscape photographer. For most of that time, I was taking photographs on autopilot. I traveled to some incredible locations while on vacation, and was trying to come home with the kinds of photographs that would make […]

How to Choose the Best Tripod for Landscape Photography

A photographer with his tripod overtop the city.

Tripods are not as simple as they seem. There are a surprising number of versions, materials, and functions that they serve, at all price points. A good tripod is your best friend for landscape photography because it’ll allow you to take photos that would otherwise be impossible. The main use is to get a long […]

Does sensor size matter for landscape photography?

One of the biggest questions that new photographers ask when they’re purchasing a new camera is if they should spend the extra money and get a full-frame camera. It’s a reasonable question, especially when the vast majority of professional photographers are using full-frame cameras like the Nikon D850, Canon 5D Mk IV, and other similar […]

10 Features Every Camera Bag Needs to Have

Camera bags feel like a constantly revolving door in my house. Over the years, I’ve been through many more camera bags than I ever intended. And it’s something that happens to everyone — as the amount of gear you have changed, you’ll always find yourself in need of more space or different features. So, you’re […]

How to choose the right camera lens focal length for your composition

One of the first lessons landscape photographers need to learn is how to choose the right lens for the job. Every lens focal length has its own time to shine, and it’s not just about how much of the scene it captures. The best focal length is the one that best isolates the subject, or […]

How to Solve these 29 Landscape Photo Problems

Over my years as a photographer and photo editor, I’ve run into almost every problem in the book. At one point or another, I’ve had to learn how to overcome almost every issue possible. Having experienced all of these has made me a better photographer, knowing how to anticipate certain problems and take steps to […]

The Easy Way to Fix Neutral Density Filter Color Casts

If you’ve recently come back from your first trip out with a new set of ND filters, one of the first things to jump out will likely be the horrendous colors that are taking over your images. Even top-of-the-line ND filters will create a color cast in your images. Luckily, these are usually fairly easily […]

You don’t need to calibrate your monitor — advice from an expert editor

The topic of monitor calibration gets brought up constantly on my Facebook group. It’s not surprising. The topic of monitor calibration has been around for years, with many YouTubers and bloggers talking about the benefits of monitor calibration. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of monitors, and have had screens calibrated in […]

11 Tips for Mobile Phone Landscape Photography

Mobile phones are quickly becoming professional cameras. New phones on the market are starting to feature multiple focal lengths, astoundingly-high-megapixel sensors, and algorithmic photography that can blow a traditional DSLR out of the water. These every-day devices are even starting to rack up similar prices to purchasing a new camera body or pro-grade lens. The […]

When to use a wide angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are surprisingly difficult to use. I’ve seen people talk about them on blogs like they’re the secret weapon of every single landscape photographer, but in my view, they’re great at some things, and really bad at others.  A wide-angle lens is most useful for exaggerating perspective in landscape photography. Wide-angle lenses elongate features […]