How to Take Better Photographs While on Vacation

If you have a normal day job, it might be tough to make enough time to visit everywhere on your landscape photography list. You might only be able to get away on vacation once, or maybe twice a year. And quite often those trips are taken when you’re with at least one other person. From […]

When to use a wide angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are surprisingly difficult to use. I’ve seen people talk about them on blogs like they’re the secret weapon of every single landscape photographer, but in my view, they’re great at some things, and really bad at others.  A wide-angle lens is most useful for exaggerating perspective in landscape photography. Wide-angle lenses elongate features […]

Contrast Part 2: Composing it right in camera

Contrast is everything in photography composition. Right now we’re going through a moment in history that is defined by playing with light. The memorable images are the ones that use contrasting elements to draw the user in, and keep them there. Because photography has become so accessible through applications like Instagram and Google Images, there […]

How to make your own presets to create a consistent look on Instagram

Presets are a professional tool that every photographer needs in their belt. Not only do they help speed up the editing process, but they’re a game-changer for making images look good side by side in a single click. That said, rarely will anyone just turn on a preset and consider an image complete. While that […]

The secret behind stunning fireworks photography

Fireworks photography in Paris

New Years’ Eve is coming up, and that can only mean one thing for landscape photographers — it’s fireworks season. I’m going to show you in this video how you can take stunning photos of fireworks. So, number one, here’s the quick equipment list. You’re going to need a tripod in order to keep that […]

How a tripod can take your landscape photography to the next level

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve been asked by photographers this simple question. When do I need to use a tripod? And when can I hand hold my camera? It’s a good question, and the answers aren’t always as simple as you might think. Here’s why I always use […]

How to take the best photo along the Las Vegas Strip

It is surprisingly difficult to find clear views of the Las Vegas Strip. Most good vantage points are covered with glass, which creates bad, un-editable reflections in your photographs. Clear and open areas with good views are few and far between, so when I found this photo location I knew it was something special. Getting […]

10 Tips for Perfect Cityscape Compositions: Don’t miss the Golden Minute

Watch the video above to see how I shot these cityscape photos from the roof of the tallest building in Paris. Everyone loves beautiful cityscape photos, but do you know how to take them so they look gorgeous? When I was starting out in photography I thought the secret was to have a good camera […]